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The hotel was dirty it smelled and the food was terrible. My daughters un-peeled banana broke in half in her hand at breakfast, now thats rotten and the pineapple was brown and slimy.

I used 1/2 a bottle of Febreeze to stomach the room. The airconditioner didnt work, the refrigerator was broken, we tossed our left over dinners. We stayed in the pool until 10pm, the one good thing. If we were going to be there longer than 10 hours we would have left.

My youngest daughter coughed all night. She has Asthma and is allergic to mold. The Mold we found in the bathroom the next day was definately the cause. My 8 year old twins wrote comments about how gross the place was, but they shrugged us off at the front desk. When we walked out the girls said, " They didn't care did they mommy?" Pretty sad when the 8 year olds think you are a gross hotel whos people dont care. We live in Florida, and resident rates will get you much better hotels than Seralago Hotel in Kissimmee. I contacted AAA and told them after 7 years of membership I was mad that they have this place as approved. The whole place is a mess and Disney needs to take their good partner sign down too.

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I recently stayed at this hotel and had money stolen from my purse while I was out at Disney.The "security" didn't care and acted like I was lying.

I will never return to this hotel.

The bathtub was black on the bottom. The bathroom door was painted so many times that you had to fight it to close it. The seal on the fridge was broken so it barely worked.

The carpet is dirty. The "breakfast" is disgusting.

I wouldn't feed it to a homeless person.This definitely needs to be removed from the Good Disney Neighbor list.

Big Stone Gap, Virginia, United States #10379

Sounds like this is a frequent complaint at this hotel.I can say that its not that the front desk staff doesnt care, its they hear this often is are tired of hearing about the problem.

They act like *** because they are paid ***.Unfortunate for you and them but true

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